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Visit my YouTube channel e-dreams, a collection of over 1600 videos organized into thematic Playlists: Architecture, Archaeology, Art, History, Nature, Anthropology, Astronomy, Science, Technology, 3D videos, Cinema, Television, International music, Classical and instrumental music. Good vision and subscribe!

Visita il mio canale YouTube e-dreams, una raccolta di oltre 1600 video organizzati in Playlist tematiche: Architettura, Archeologia, Arte, Storia, Natura, Antropologia, Astronomia, Scienza, Tecnologia, Video 3D, Cinema, Televisione, Musica internazionale, Musica classica e strumentale. Buona visione e iscrivetevi!


Architecture, Archaeology, Art and History:
Modern and contemporary architecture
Modern architecture: the beginnings and the Masters
Dynamic and kinetic architecture, Cities of the future
Skyscrapers and Skylines
3D architectures and cities
Historic architecture: from the Middle Ages to the Modern Movement
Archaeology: from the origins to the Middle Ages
Art, Painting and Sculpture
Palermo (Italy): Architecture, Art, History and Nature
Peru: Architecture, Art, History and Nature

Nature, Anthropology, Astronomy, Science, Technology, 3D videos, Cinema and Television:
Nature and Anthropology
Science and Technology
3D videos and movies
3D fractals
3D animations and effects
Cinema, Television and Advertising
Leonardo da Vinci

Italian music:
Songs in Italian
Eros Ramazzotti
Gianna Nannini
Laura Pausini
Lorenzo Jovanotti Cherubini
Edoardo Bennato
Il Volo

International music in English:
Songs in English
Queen – Freddie Mercury
Duran Duran
The Cure
The Alan Parsons Project
Eurythmics – Annie Lennox
Mariah Carey
Guns N’ Roses
The Cranberries
Bruce Springsteen
The Beatles – John Lennon
The Rolling Stones
Wham! – George Michael
Whitney Houston
Cyndi Lauper
The Bangles
Avril Lavigne
Katy Perry
Avenged Sevenfold

International music in Spanish, French and Portuguese; Classical and instrumental music:
Songs in Spanish
Gloria Estefan
Enrique Iglesias
Ricky Martin
Aventura – Romeo Santos
Corazón Serrano
Songs in French and Portuguese
Michel Teló
Classical music and Opera
Instrumental and ambient music

Favorite videos
Liked videos
Recent activities


Cristóbal Vila – Nature by Numbers



Marcelo Ricardo Ortiz – Guernica



Soo Yun Jang – Street Musician



Shivaree – Goodnight Moon



Alfonso Casabonne – Machu Picchu Centenario



UgarTv – Machu Picchu: Ciudadela sagrada de los Incas



C. Crocq, M. Durand-Rival, N. Novali – Machu Picchu Post



Vorobyoff Production – Life of Flowers



Gaspard Giroud Pichot – New World Trade Center 2013



Piranha – The New World Trade Center



David Fisher – Dynamic Architecture – City of the Future



David Fisher – Dynamic Architecture – From Vision to Reality



David Fisher – Dynamic Architecture – The Vision



Discovery Channel – Miracle Planet – Large Asteroid Impact Simulation



Discovery Channel – Large Asteroid Impact Simulation



Quentin Tarantino – Pulp Fiction – Dancing Scene



Quentin Tarantino – Pulp Fiction – Official Trailer


~ di Anselmo La Manna su 30 gennaio 2014.


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